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In the wake of Coronavirus, takeout may be your best bet as an alternative to going out to eat. And as Wichita area restaurants are likely to see temporarily reduced traffic, food delivery is also a great way to help support local restaurants!

Popular food delivery companies like DoorDash, Grubhub, Postmates, and Grubhub are even offering “No-Contact” delivery options, which reduces the risk of person-to-person transmission even further. Check out details below: 


From “Text or call the customer via your Dasher app. For example: ‘Hi, it’s your Dasher. I’m healthy, but I’d like to request a “No-Contact Delivery” given everything going on. Is there a safe spot to place your food? I can wait nearby until you come pick it up. Thanks!’”

More Details | DoorDash in Wichita


From “Using Contact-free delivery at checkout, you can safely continue to support your favorite local restaurants. For the safety of you and our drivers, drivers will call/text when they arrive and drop off your order on the doorstep, in the lobby or other area designated by you. This option is now available on the website and latest version of the app.”

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From “You can now use the Dropoff Options on your delivery address to specify how you’d like to receive your deliveries. You’ll have the option to meet your Postmate at your door or outside, or you can opt for non-contact and they’ll leave the order at your door.”

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Uber Eats

From “We understand that you may be relying more on food delivery right now. If you prefer, you can leave a note in the Uber Eats app to ask your delivery person to leave your food at the door.”

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